What Does Secure The Bag Mean?

What Does Secure The Bag Mean?
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For the frequent and intrepid travelers among you, you will no doubt already be familiar with how to keep your possessions safe and secure while you are away from home. For those of you just about to head out on your first big adventure who have just bought a backpack or carryon luggage ready for the trip of a lifetime, you are going to want to read this article today as we are discussing what does secure the bag mean.

It’s all about keeping you and your possessions safe

It’s not enough to just purchase a backpack, even one with advanced anti-theft features built in. We’re not saying that traveling is dangerous and to be avoided. Quite the contrary; the world is more accessible than ever before and very much there to be explored and experienced. What we are saying though is that you need to proactively ensure that both you and your bag are a deterrent to opportunistic thieves.

You want to blend in like the locals wherever you go, not stick out like a blatant sore thumb! That can be difficult if you are new to an area and navigating around via Google Maps on your shiny smartphone in your brand new walking shoes, but the more you look like a tourist, the more you will attract unwanted attention.

Don’t fall foul to opportunistic theft

Securing the bag means making sure you don’t fall foul to pickpockets and thieves wherever in the world you may venture. By that, we equally mean both home and away. Rogue and random opportunists exist on the subway, at that café you’ve stopped at for an espresso in an Italian piazza, wandering around the museums and art galleries of one of Europe’s capital city’s or just heading out on your daily commute to work.

If you are carrying any of your expensive tech with you such as a smartphone, digital camera or laptop, let alone your passport and credit cards, then knowing how to secure the bag is critical to avoid extreme inconvenience, frustration, and unwanted costs. Even if you do have travel insurance that protects you and will replace any lost or stolen items, having your bag snatched or any of the contents seized from under your nose is to be avoided at all costs.

There’s also another meaning for secure the bag

Interesting fact as the phrase has now made it into the Urban Dictionary but with a slightly different meaning. In today’s parlance, to secure the bag means to take or obtain advantage of a situation or to retain something of value. Which actually does make sense in context of what we are discussing. That is, ensuring that your valuables are safe at all times. However, it’s more commonly used in the context of seizing something very much to your own personal advantage. So a new job, internship, a relationship, or anything that you desire and want to have for yourself, might be described as the bag, and securing it is your ultimate aim and strategy for the gameplay you employ. There’s something very calculating and manipulative about the phrase. In that respect it’s no different to that opportunistic pickpocket we’ve been discussing who has but one goal and aim, to secure your bag (or at least some of its contents).

How do you secure the bag then?

That’s a good question, and we have some top tips and recommendations on how you can secure not just your bag but also yourself. First up, don’t announce what’s inside your bag. Doing this will instantly make yourself a target. If you do have an expensive camera, carry it in a discreet bag if possible rather than a blatantly branded one. When you are on any form of public transport with your bags, make sure that you put them down safely under your seat where you can see them at all times.

If you do have to put them into a specific cargo hold, just keep a careful watch at any stops en route and be vigilant to ensure that no one inadvertently walks off with your bag. If you are backpacking and you might need to sleep or take a nap in a public place, you could make yourself an inexpensive leash out of parachute cord or clothesline to anchor and tether it to your body. A quick tug on the bag from anyone but yourself should wake you up!

If you cannot invest in any anti-theft backpack, then learn how to secure the bag you do have

Consider securing any outer pockets that are easily accessible with little combination locks or put carabiners on the zippers. The aim of your game is to stop people from being easily able to get inside your backpack. Carry a cable lock or even just a regular bicycle lock if you already have one so that you can lock your backpack and any other expensive items you have to something solid. That way no-one is going to be able to grab and run away with your things.

Always, always, ensure that your backpack zippers are closed and if possible, concealed. If a thief can’t see how to get into your backpack, then they won’t even attempt to access it. It’s a good idea to ensure that you have packed valuable items deeply inside your bag. That way they are harder to reach if someone does gain access to your bag. Put your dirty underwear on top and not your digital camera! That should disappoint anyone who is attempting to secure your bag and its possessions!

Keep your backpack close at all times and treat it like your best friend when traveling

Take care to look out for your bag. The more secure it is, the safer you will be and the more you will safely enjoy that new adventure and without becoming the unwanted victim of crime. Secure your own bag to ensure that someone else doesn’t take advantage and secure it as their own.

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