Pacsafe Venturesafe 25L Review

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Pacsafe Venturesafe 25L: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Lightweight and spacious
  • Soft and comfortable material
  • Handy side pockets
  • Versatile and functional
  • Suitable for any environment

What We Don't Like

  • Not waterproof
  • Fails to stand upright
  • No headphone jack or USB port
  • Pricey for some

If you don’t like the idea of being a victim of pickpocketing, you need a secure backpack with anti-theft features. For this purpose, you can choose one of the most advanced and well-built backpacks offered by a renowned manufacturer like Pacsafe.

The Pacsafe Venturesafe 25L is a perfect choice when you are looking for an anti-theft backpack. It not only secures your belongings but looks nice too. Just like all Pacsafe products, the Venturesafe 25L backpack has a built-in cut-proof wire mesh, which secures whatever you are carrying.

In this Pacsafe Venturesafe 25L review, we will discuss the most amazing features of this anti-theft backpack and see how it performs to serve the purpose.

Pacsafe Venturesafe 25L Review

Pacsafe Venturesafe 25L backpack is durable, lightweight, and secure. It is spacious enough to pack most of your belongings, including a 15-inch laptop. The primary purpose of this bag is to provide ultimate security for all the essentials that you carry with you.

The wire mesh offers required protection against cuts and tears. It has a sternum strap and adjustable/ removable hip belt, which provides maximum stability. The presence of internal pockets helps to organize all your belongings.

This latest version comes with a lot of updated features, which make this backpack more secure and practical than previous models. It has all the safety features that protect your valuables against pickpocketing.

Who is this product for?

This backpack is an ideal option for long hikes, traveling, and regular use. Especially when you are traveling areas where security is an issue, you can rely on this backpack. It’s an excellent choice for those who are not vigilant enough to take care of their things.

Besides, if you need a travel gear to put all your essentials in an organized way, you can rely on this backpack. There is ample space and a variety of pockets to keep your belongings organized when traveling abroad.

This backpack is capable of supporting a hydration system, making it a viable option for hikers and mountaineers.

What’s included? 

The Pacsafe Venturesafe has numerous security features, which enhance the level of protection. For instance, the PopNLock security clips offer additional protection to your bag against snatching. Apart from this, its eXomesh Slashguard and Roobar sport locking mechanisms work efficiently to protect your belongings.

The classic design and anti-theft technology complement each other while providing unmatchable security. There is a single lockdown point that helps to secure all the zippers. The presence of the loop and lock shoulder strap feature allows you to secure your bag to a table or rail.

The RFIDsafe pocket avoids the ability to scan your credit cards; hence, reducing the chances of skimming theft.

Overview of Features

You can hit the backcountry or any other tourist attraction around the world with the Pacsafe Venturesafe 25L anti-theft backpack. With a perfect combination of innovative anti-theft features and a classic design, this backpack serves well for local and international traveling.

Its roomy main compartment accommodates a few clothes and other similar items. The laptop compartment offers sufficient space to pack a 15-inch Macbook. The expandable pockets are great for placing easy to reach things like water bottles and snacks.

The zipper clips offer an additional level of security. These clips make it possible to secure all your zippers at one point, making it impossible to unzip the bag. Another salient feature relates to the ability to unclip one of the shoulder straps and secure the bag to a luggage rack, table, or chair. This feature prevents the backpack from being snatched.

The exterior pockets offer organized space to put your notepads, pens, and other small accessories. There is a specific pocket with an RFID blocker, which makes it impossible for thieves to steal your credit card’s data.

The following are some of the latest security features of the Pacsafe Venturesafe 25L anti-theft backpack.

  • A stainless steel wire runs through the straps, making them slash proof
  • The eXoMesh stainless steel internal structure provides necessary protection against cuts
  • RFID pocket is a great security feature that protects the relevant information stored within your credits cards and passport
  • Smart Zipper Locks offer additional protection when you are strolling through crowded places
  • The anti-theft design prevents pickpocketing, theft or snatching
  • Unlike other anti-theft backpacks, this particular bag is comfortable and lightweight
  • The shoulder straps are removable and adjustable
  • The hip belt offers additional stability and supports a hydration pack

How to Get the Most out of It

To give you an idea of how practical and performance-oriented this anti-theft backpack is, take a look at this video:


Here are some of the other options that you may like to consider.

MarsBro Anti-Theft

If you want to buy an affordable anti-theft backpack, MarsBro is an ideal option to choose. It offers more or less similar security features as provided by the Pacsafe Venturesafe 25L.

Inateck Anti-Theft Travel Backpack

This particular backpack is made up of water-resistant material, making it a perfect backpack for traveling during the rainy season. It can fit a 17” laptop and may accommodate two of these if you are not carrying much other stuff.

DYSU Anti-Theft Backpack

The primary feature that distinguishes it from Pacsafe Venturesafe 25L is the availability of a USB port with a built-in charging cable. Moreover, it is built with waterproof material for extra security of your electronic devices.


Just like other Pascafe products, this anti-theft backpack lives up to the expectations. It has all the security features that protect your belongings from snatching and pickpocketing. The overall construction of this backpack is up to the mark, making it an ideal travel bag.

Even though this bag serves the purpose for which it was built, the price tag is a bit high. Most of the features offered by this product are also available with other less costly options. However, if you value peace of mind and reliability, you can go for this option. We hope this Pacsafe Venturesafe 25L review has helped make your purchasing decision easier.

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