Oscaurt Anti-Theft Travel Backpack Review: Features and Benefits

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Oscaurt Anti-theft Travel Backpack: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • The back panel of the back is well-padded
  • Shoulder straps of the backpack are extendible for your comfort
  • The shape of the bag does not deform even if the bag is full
  • The backpack is constructed using high-quality EVA material that makes it strong and durable

What We Don't Like

  • The backpack does not have slash guards to protect the bag from being slashed by pickpockets
  • The backpack comes with just one main compartment with limited space

You are all set to travel to your favorite holiday destination, your bags are packed, but there is one thing that still remains unchecked - Your luggage's safety! When you are out to travel, the safety of your belongings is of paramount importance. Keeping your bag with you at all times sure makes it safe, but if your bag is left unattended even for a brief period of time, it can be tampered with, or worse, stolen.

So how can you ensure your bag's safety to make it completely theft proof? Find out below in this Oscaurt Anti-Theft Travel Backpack Review

Oscaurt Anti-Theft Travel Backpack

When traveling, ensuring to keep an eye out on your belonging at all times is essential. But this can be easier said than done. In a foreign country with a foreign language, you may be dealing with a lot more on your plate than you would have otherwise imagined, making it quite challenging to always be aware of your surroundings.

If you are a backpack person and like to carry your things with you where ever you go, the Oscaurt Anti-theft travel backpack is simply the best backpack for you. The backpack boasts a great number of features that ensure the safety of your things while keeping all your belongings securely packed inside. Sporting a true combination of style and functionality, this backpack offers a mini-world for everything you need during your travel.

Who is this travel backpack for?

The Oscaurt Anti-Theft Travel Backpack is meant for all those individuals who either travel a lot or have a habit of carrying most of their belongings (including electronics) wherever they go. The backpack offers a range of features conducive for travel backpacking and professional trips alike.


Anti-theft technology

All bags can offer you ample space, stylish design, and durability. But only a few backpacks offer you anti-theft technology that keeps your bag from being searched by an unauthorized intruder. The zipper of the main pocket is camouflaged in the back of the backpack, so anyone trying to zip open the bag will never find the zipper of the main compartment.

Secret Pockets

Ever heard of a bag that gives your valuables complete stealth? The Oscaurt Anti-Theft Travel Backpack comes with two hidden pockets to store your most valued items. One of these secret pockets is located at the side of the bag while the other can be found hidden in the back panel of the backpack.

The hidden pockets keep your valuables from being discovered by any unauthorized person trying to intrude. You can keep your wallet, cards, phones, cash, or important travel documents in those pockets and travel without worrying about them being pickpocketed.

24/7 Connectivity

If you carry your power bank everywhere you go, chances are you take it out of your bag every now and then to charge your gadgets. With the Oscaurt Travel Backpack, now you don’t have to reach inside the backpack to get your power bank out. Every time you need to charge your gadgets, just plug in your gadgets to the charging port embedded in the backpack. Your power bank can stay packed inside your bag while you charge your gadgets on the go without having to get tangled up in the wires or stop to get things set up.

Water Resistance 

Rain is unforeseeable and can occur anytime when you are traveling. Keeping your backpack wrapped in a water repellent cover is tedious and a great hassle. Oscaurt Travel Backpack addresses this travel woe by manufacturing the bag with water-repellent material. The fabric does not let water get inside it and the contents of the bag remain dry and unaffected by the rain. The front panel of the backpack is coated with PVC that makes the material impenetrable.

Glow in the Dark Bag

You may have to go through many dimly lit or dark areas during your travel. When the light is low, the visibility diminishes. If the area you are passing by involves high-speed traffic, you will want to be spotted by passers-by, especially, if you are on foot. The backpack comes with a reflective stripe placed on the front of the backpack that illuminates in low light. This helps you being spotted at night time and avoid collisions with vehicles and other unforeseen accidents.

In-built Laptop Sleeve

Carrying a laptop on the go is now a necessity. The manufacturers of this backpack had this in mind when putting it together. The backpack offers a heavily-padded laptop sleeve that can hold a laptop with a screen size of up to 15.6 inches. The sleeve has heavy padding so that your laptop remains safe regardless of how bumpy your travel experience may be.

Even weight distribution

Traveling involves a lot of walking or hiking. If you are carrying all your stuff in your backpack, you might feel a strain on your shoulders while carrying your bag and it may result in a muscular injury. The Oscaurt Travel Backpack has optimal weight distribution so you can feel the weight of the backpack equally around your hips, back, and chest. This takes away the pressure from your shoulders and prevents fatigue and muscular injuries from carrying excess weight for prolonged periods of time.


Alternatively, If you are required to carry a great many things inside your backpack, you need a backpack that offers multiple compartments. The Seehonor Anti-Theft Travel Back offers a multi-compartment design that gives you ample space to store your belongings. You can access your valuables whenever you want while on the go while keeping them safe from shocks thanks to its shockproof technology.


After going through all the features of this backpack in this Oscaurt Anti-Theft Travel Backpack Review, it wouldn’t be wrong to conclude that it’s the ideal backpack for those who travel frequently and need all their equipment close at hand at all times. The backpack is most definitely gadget-friendly and offers reliable features to keep your gadgets safe from theft, impact damage, or even running out of battery. Hence, from usability, internal space, to comfort and construction, this backpack is simply a must-have for those who love traveling or are always on the go.

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