Can you use the Travelon Anti-Theft Sling Bag in the Front?

Can you use the Travelon Anti-Theft Sling Bag in the Front?
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Conceived over 30 years ago, Travelon today is one of the most esteemed manufacturers of travel products and accessories. The company boasts a massive range of innovative and superior quality products, and the anti-theft bag is yet another hit from its product lineup.

Considering that the bag showcases a sling-form factor, one of the most common question that crops up among potential buyers is can you use the Travelon Anti-Theft Sling Bag in the front? Short answer is Yes, but here’s why and the key features of the Travelon Anti-Theft Sling Bag that make it one of the best anti-theft bags in its segment.

How to Carry the Travelon Anti-Theft Sling Bag

First things first – the Travelon Anti-Theft Sling Bag is the smaller cousin of messenger style bags and is primarily designed to be carried on one shoulder with its single strap across the chest. This carrying technique minimizes the impact on your shoulder, resulting in better mobility.

On the downside, carrying the Travelon Anti-Theft Sling Bag on your back with the strap across your shoulder may cause the bag to slip off. To prevent this from happening, you may find yourself lifting your shoulder to a level where it prevents the strap from rolling down.

This action when done regularly could eventually lead to overuse of your shoulder and neck muscles, which may cause pain and stiffness at the least. To avoid any type of injury, it is best to carry the Travelon Anti-Theft Sling Bag with its strap across your shoulders and chest for several reasons.

By wearing the Anti-Theft sling bag with the strap across your chest, the weight of the bag keeps its strap at the base of your neck, so the bag stays firmly in place rather than slipping off your shoulder.

Another good reason to carry the Travelon bag with the strap across your shoulder and chest is the fact that it can be supported well by your hip and back, which results in a less downward pull on your shoulder and reduces the strain on your neck and shoulder muscles.

Can you use the Travelon Anti-Theft Sling Bag in the Front?

Unlike regular full-size backpacks that allow you to carry a larger load, the Travelon Anti-Theft sling bag can only accommodate your everyday essentials such as your camera, phone, wallet, and even a tablet or mini laptop.

On a brighter note, the lesser weight of the bag makes it comfortable to wear it on both the front and back. However, wearing the lightweight Travelon theft-proof bag in the front not only adds to its style quotient, but also allows you to gain easy access to the things inside thanks to the thoughtfully oriented compartments and zippers.

The Travelon Anti-Theft Sling Bag just as the name suggests comes with a few anti-theft features, which minimize the risk of theft when worn at the back but eliminate the chance of having your valuables stolen when worn in the front.

The bag is fitted with RFID (radio frequency identification) blocking card and passport slots, which allows you travel without worrying about electronic pickpocketing.

RFID technology allows the digital data encoded in things such as enhanced payment cards and transit cards transmit radio waves to receive and transfer key information between devices.

The pitfall however of this technology is that your card information can be captured by anyone nearby with a RFID reader, without physically touching the bag. With the Travelon RFID card and passports slots, your data is safe from skimmers owing to the unique protective layer tucked away inside the slots.

Adding to this, the straps of the Travelon theft proof bag are equipped with full-length stainless-steel cables, which are slash resistant to prevent any slash-and-go type theft. When it comes to keeping your valuables safe, the Travelon Anti-Theft Sling Bag takes home the gold for its locking straps and compartments, which allows you to secure the bag to any stationary object such as a post or chair.

To top it off, the exterior fabric and all the body panels of the Travelon theft-proof bag are embedded with a stainless steel mesh between the lining to prevent slash-and-grab thieves from slicing its compartments and stealing your belongings.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to keep your things safe while on the go, the Travelon Anti-Theft Sling Bag is a great choice. It can be worn comfortably at the back or front, while allowing easy access the things inside such as your camera. Additionally, the card and passport slots protect your data from being stolen by RIFD readers.

The bag boasts a slash-resistant construction complete with locking compartments to ensure your valuables are well protected. The adjustable, cushioned strap not only makes the bag a joy to wear even for longer periods, but also features stainless-steel cables that run its entire length to prevent any slash-and-grab activity, which commonly occurs in parking lots and isolated areas.

Although wearing the bag at the front is a matter of personal choice, the latter position provides optimal protection for your gear as well as the data from your RFID-enabled card, and the personal contact information found on the photo page of your RFID chip-enabled US passport issued after 2007.

An RFID reader works similarly to scanning a barcode, where the perpetrator scans the personal data without you knowing it. Scanning your personal data with an RFID reader is highly impossible when you carry the Travelon theft-proof sling bag at the front.

That said, if you’re carrying sensitive documents and cards, wearing the bag at the front allows you to travel with the confidence knowing that your valuables are 100 percent safe from electronic as well as physical theft.

All in all, Travelon theft proof bags can be ordered in a choice of several exciting colors, and come with a rich set of features, some often lacking in even higher priced models such as mesh expansion pockets to hold your umbrella or water bottle.

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