Best Theft Proof Drawstring Backpacks for Travel

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With a drawstring backpack, you get to have all the convenience and versatility needed in a piece of everyday-carry bag. Yet, due to the increase in theft, especially in cities, you have to make sure that your bag has added security features.

The best theft proof drawstring backpack can help protect you and your possessions from pickpockets. Although, given the tremendous amount of choices available, purchasing a new bag with anti-theft features can be somewhat tricky. Fortunately for you, we’ve decided to take on the hard job of narrowing down the options to three of the best choices.

Comparison Chart

LOCKSACK – Theft Resistant Drawstring Bag

Lewis N. Clark Waterseals Locking Cinch Drawstring Backpack

LOCTOTE Flak Sack – The Original Theft-Resistant Drawstring Backpack

Best Theft Proof Drawstring Backpack Reviews

We have selected three handy and convenient drawstring backpacks and tried them out for ourselves. Below, we provide a comprehensive review of each one to find out which is the best theft proof drawstring backpack.

1. LOCKSACK Theft-Resistant Drawstring Bag

If you take your security seriously as well as that of your valuables, then you'll be interested in our product review of this theft-resistant drawstring bag from the brand LOCKSACK. This patent-pending locking system is reinforced with 49 strands of steel and features a programmable combination lock alongside a resilient fabric used by NASA and the US military.


This bag is constructed using the kind of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fabric used by both the military and NASA for superior strength and durability. With a total capacity of 11 liters and weighing 12 ounces, including the lock, it is a versatile and dependable solution to your everyday travel needs.

This LOCKSACK drawstring-style backpack is perfect for all weather conditions too, as it's coated with water- and stain-resistant technology. With soft ropes and an overall lightweight build, it's comfortable and easy to carry.

Inside the bag, there's a secure pocket with RFID technology, which prevents identity theft. The bag itself features a patent-pending locking system that's made from reinforced steel.

A programmable personal combination lock is also supplied so that you can secure your bag. With a cut level rating of three, you can confidently throw this bag on your back and seize the day ahead, secured in the peace of mind that wherever the journey might take you, your essentials will be adequately protected.


  • check
    Convenient to use
  • Has a reliable locking system
  • Personal combination lock included
  • Blocks RFID for identity theft protection
  • Does not get wet or stained easily


  • The fabric can be slashed

2. Lewis N Clark WaterSeals Drawstring Backpack

If you are currently considering investing in a new waterproof and lockable drawstring backpack that's durable yet lightweight, then check out what Lewis N. Clark has to offer.


Boasting a roll-top style closure that can be secured with a resettable three-digit lock, this theft-proof drawstring backpack is ideal for securing valuables such as small electronics, wallets, and cameras. Not only can you protect your things from dust, sand, and the elements, but you can also safeguard your possessions against opportunistic thieves.

You can have this drawstring backpack in the color black, royal blue, orange, pink, or gray. Aside from being available in a wide choice of fresh and contemporary color choices, it’s also the ideal size for a bag to bring for a day at the beach, a boat ride, or a trip to the pool.

The WaterSeals backpack from Lewis N Clark has been ruggedly constructed using a hard-wearing ripstop material with taped waterproof seams. This ensures that this bag will last for years to come. With its large load secure interior pocket, there's plenty of capacity to house everything you require safely to ensure a fun and exciting day outdoors.


  • check
    Easy access roll-top closure
  • Waterproof and slash-proof nylon ripstop fabric
  • Durable and rugged construction with securely taped seams
  • Lightweight but generous internal storage
  • Supplied with a three-digit resettable combination lock


  • Problems with the lock not working as it should

3. LOCTOTE Flak Sack Drawstring Backpack

The LOCTOTE Flak Sack is a premium theft-proof drawstring backpack fabricated from a slash-resistant material. It features two protective layers of patented UHMWPE polyethylene.


Marketed by LOCTOTE as being the original and the toughest, slash-resistant backpack, the Flak Sack has plenty of things to offer that you won’t find in most other options. It is the ideal locking bag to accompany you and your possessions on a trip to the beach or a fun day spent kayaking.

Available in an attractive grey fabric that is slash-resistant, it has been pre-treated with an industrial-strength water-repellent so that any liquid will simply bead up and run straight off of the material. Unfortunately, this doesn’t come in any other color choice.

Inside the LOCTOTE Flak Sack is an internal pocket that conveniently features RFID-blocking technology. Thanks to this, cards and identity documents are also protected from thieves.

If you are one of those people who are constantly on the go, then this bag is for you. It doesn’t just carry your belongings, but, more importantly, it keeps them safe and secure too. With a reinforced, patent-pending steel trap and a heavy-duty solid brass lock, this should be virtually impossible to pilfer or steal without the use of tools.


  • check
    Innovative, secure, and authentic design
  • Double-layer slash-resistant fabric
  • RFIF-blocking technology incorporated
  • Highly water-resistant
  • Quickly locks to any stable object


  • Premium product with a premium price tag


Among these three excellent drawstring backpacks, we have to say that, for us, the standout choice is the authentic and innovative LOCTOTE Flak Sack. This backpack does an excellent job of providing lockable protection for your essentials, all thanks to its slash-resistant fabric.

A sternum strap also keeps the bag securely positioned and the weight evenly distributed. Pre-treated with a very strong water-repelling coating, this bag is also impermeable to liquid.

Regardless of which drawstring backpack gets your final thumbs-up, we firmly believe that these three choices are all excellent product recommendations that are capable of delivering trustworthy and reliable protection from would-be pickpockets and thieves. That's what counts at the end of the day. After all, you can't really put a price on peace of mind. 

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